Colonel Thule Jonson UFFPMC Retired, founder and owner of Paladin Security Consulting

Colonel Thule Jonson UFFPMC Retired, founder and owner of Paladin Security Consulting

Physical Description
Height: 198cm
Build Muscular/Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

The first impression you get of Colonel Jonson is of his imposing stature.  In spite of his age he still has the hard lines of someone who has stayed in top physical shape.  Often Colonel Jonson is seen jogging around the downtown are of Sheldon City near the main office of his favorite company Paladin Security Consulting.

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orbit 1I am an aspiring science fiction author with a very ambitious project of a series of books under the series title of “Diaspora Generations” which covers a swath of time between 2080 and 4500.

The basic premise of the story line is man has made enough of a mess of planet Earth that first it seems like Earth was trying to get rid of man.  First the solar system has a near brush with a neutron star which a decade later results in meteor showers the likes of which have never been recorded by man.  The few meteoriods that do strike earth cause a rash of earthquakes.  The Pacific “Ring of Fire” experiences a chain of volcano eruptions.  The effects of these events puts a strain on the food basket regions causing wide spread famine across the globe.

In the background of these events there is a multi-billionaire who finances technology research and development being done in secret away from the prying eyes of ever more oppressive government bent on regulating such research.   Contra-gravity is discovered by this research and development which revolutionizes space travel.

Mining of the asteroid belt begins and soon a space elevator is built further reducing the cost of sending cargo into space and retrieving it.

Meanwhile on the political front a “World Parliament” is founded to address the allocation of Earth’s dwindling resources where needed.  This political body begins to usurp more power to itself.

The same team that began mining the asteroid belt founds the Mars Colony Company, first as an advanced support base for asteroid mining operations and then later as a full blown colony.   The latter was as a result of foresight over the fact that the World Parliament was becoming more intrusive and attempting to spy on the efforts in space technology development.

The first research and development team setting shop up on Mars first focused on improved energy production and advances in metallurgy.  One particularly bright theoretical physicist began working on the problem of developing an Alcubierre drive in her spare time.  In 2158 she soon worked out the problem and in 2160 the first Alcubierre Drive was built.   Man was headed to the stars.

When the first explorers set out on expeditions of discovery and exploration it was soon discovered that not only were we not alone in this universe there were humans already in space. This was exciting stuff.   In addition to the occupied worlds that were found outside our solar system candidates for colonization were discovered and noted.

Back on Earth tensions were rising and sentiment against the World Parliament began to fester.  In spite of the lid of secrecy put on the project the invention of the Alcubierre drive became the worst kept secret in Earth history.  Committees representing the majority of the former nations on Earth approached the Mars Colony Company with a bold proposal.  Using materials mined from the asteroid belt plans were drawn up for large star ships to transport colonists recruited by lottery to colonize distant worlds.

Attempts to thwart this project were made by the World Parliament who wanted a say in who was going and who was not. This inflamed the anti-Parliament sentiment further causing a war of revolution to break out.

In 2190 the first colony ship left Earth’s solar system beginning the event that became known as The Diaspora.

What the humans from Earth did not consider was the prejudices, belief systems and ideologies that caused problems for them on Earth would not be left behind just because they went out among the stars.  This is the grist for the mill of many of the stories in the Diaspora Generations series.


Uh-oh! Computer Crash

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